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  • 22.03.2013

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  • 16.01.2013

    At the beginning of a New Year a french car service 205garage decided to invest in advertising. We have designed for them a leaflet and press ad. The leaflet is related to the former project promoting a rally service. Press ad has been designed for regional press of Mazowieckie Province.


  • 16.01.2013

    Balance Yoga studio, with whom we closely cooperate, has already got a new logotype. I has been designed by our graphics and cooperating companies. A lotus flower, which has been used in the logotype, is the symbol of yoga. To achieve balance and harmony it reflects, we have used an adequate font. How do you like it?


  • 16.01.2013

    Short before Christmas we finished work on winter edition of Bankowo Najlepsi magazine for Polish Cooperative Bank in Ciechanow. The main theme this time is banking philanthropy. But you can also find there such articles as Two skies, two sticks – the ski season in full swing. Lastly, there is a new year’s game – Numerology Predictions for 2013. The magazine is available in all branches of the bank. You are invited to read!


  • 24.10.2012

    Cayenne has new logo!

    The author of the project is 

    We thank and recommend it.

  • 01.10.2012

    We started with the fan page on Facebook for Polish Cooperative Bank in Ciechanow.
    Click here to see it and give a 

  • 26.09.2012

    We have published another issue of Bankowo Najlepsi for Polish Cooperative Bank in Ciechanow This is our fifth edition! This time the main theme is the 3rd Banking Best Historic Vehicles Rally to which we dedicated as many as four pages. And because it is autumn, this issue is full of topics connected with this season. So we can find there an article about shooting competition organized by the Shooting Union…

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